About the Book


In 1956, as an excited, hopeful, 20 year old young man, I began a career in the feature animation department of Walt Disney Productions, now known as Walt Disney Feature Animation. At the time I just thought that anyone who could draw a little could work there, after all they hired me. I soon found that it took a great deal more talent and skill than just to be able to draw a little.

After many years of working in the field as a special effects animator, with many established, successful old timers, I came to realize that my time and place was very special. I did learn to draw a lot and to be helpful in the process of making some very extraordinary motion pictures.

I retired, January 2004, and have written my fun story, Flyin’ Chunks and Other Things to Duck, illustrating my struggles to continue in the field of animation, all the while managing to duck those flyin’ chunks which are always a part of every ones effort to live life.

Dorse Lanpher



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