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Dorse: On a healthy life style:

Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2011 by dorselanpher

If I could die without my knowledge of the event, death would be nothing to fear. The avoidance of illness and pain, not the avoidance of death, is what motivates me to live a relatively healthy life style. Of course, death will eventually overcome me but knowing that my death will occur sometime in the future is not useful information unless I can make an effort to postpone it. Aware of the fact that I can maximize my health by exercising, eating properly, and taking nutritional supplements is information which can help me to prevent illness and pain. That action has the potential to enhance the quality of my life and possibly extend it as well. Further more, a healthy person is more capable of minimizing pain and speeding recovery from accidents which are physically damaging, additional benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

In ancient Rome there was a group of three men who, together, were responsible for public administration and civil authority in the government system. The three men were called the triumvirate. We all have been appointed with our own triumvirate. Body, mind and spirit are the three, inseparable, facets of the human quality, our personal triumvirate. All require proper attention. All are inexplicably entwined. The body, without proper nutrition cannot support the other two. The mind, without the curiosity of the thinker, cannot tend the body or spirit. The spirit, not having the healthy support of the others will wither in hopeless despair.

So I eat my fruits and vegetables, I’m curious enough to search for helpful advice, and I exercise every other day. OK, so this makes me a goody two shoes. But  not to feel too good about it, or just to feel really good, I have a shot of Vodka every once in awhile.

In the photo, Me, Mitch Rochon, and Dave Brain, at a John and Marianne Tucker party, workin’ on our health.