To good health

Some of my friends accused me of not making more changes in my life. When I want to go away I like to go to Hawaii, been lots of other places. I like Hawaii, and my coffee, black Folgers, medium classic roast, no foreign funny spicy bits, just coffee. But I have recently made a change. It will be good for me and good for the environment. I call it a green change.

I was at a party and I overheard a lady say she feels much better after giving up dairy…So, my grand daughter, Holly, turned me onto Silk, an all natural soy milk. Now that goes on my cereal. So I’ve made a green change. I’ve help to diminish those obnoxious things that cows do to add methane to our atmosphere. But I’m a little hard of hearing and later I found out that the lady that gave up dairy actually said ” I feel much better since I gave up Jerry!” Now I don’t know Jerry but this reminds me of something Mark Twain said, “Be careful when you take advice from health manuals, a typo could kill you.” And always listen carefully.


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