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Happy New Year

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Click  on the photo left of the lamp to view down town L.A.

The life giving sun sets my kitchen a glow on a morning after a week of cloudy skies and rain. Our celebration of Christmas 2010 is over and a new year is around the corner. Hopefully, no matter your personal beliefs, the spirit of Christmas will continue for you through the New Year and on. There is much war, misery, and suffering in the world and hopefully the New Year, 2011, will bring us a year with less of all of that.

My knowing of the worlds suffering causes me to think that there is little I can do about it. But I trust my government is taking care of its part and I’m helping with a little support to a few charities, as I’m sure most of us do. Charities that do medical research, help orphaned children, the disadvantaged, and the elderly.

Being aware and careful of my own welfare gives me the strength and a few resources which allow me to take care of those closest to me. And knowing of the poor and down trodden of the world does instill in me a thankfulness for my own good fortune. My vision for the New Year, for myself and all of you, is a positive one.

And in the traditional spirit I wish you and yours, Happy New Year!



Thoughts on love

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The Christmas spirit.

I have a younger brother two years my junior and an older brother five years my senior. Recently I received a note from my older brother. He signed off the note with “Love ya like a brother.” But to say “like a brother” is really saying you’re not my brother but I love you like one. I understood what he meant but hey, maybe he knows something I don’t, maybe I was adopted. Yikes!

That got me to thinkin’ tho. Is brotherly love different than just plain love? “I love you as a brother.” But could I love you as an aunt, as an uncle? I guess I could if I was your aunt or uncle. Could I love you as my cat? “I love you as my cat.” That wouldn’t be correct. It should be stated, “I love you as much as I love my cat”, which means you could have serious problems with your cat. I love you as much as I love cherry pie, but I don’t love you as a cherry pie.

I think it must be an unwritten rule that brothers or sisters automatically love each other. But if you’re just following a rule, is that really genuine love or love at all? I guess Cane and Able didn’t invent that rule.

And love? I’ve heard it said that love is not a word, love is an action. I would think that the word love defines the selfless positive actions of understanding, giving, sharing, and kindness. Love is not defined as the selfish actions of demanding, taking, restraining or confining. Those seem to be the efforts of an insecure and self centered person who has control issues.

And the opposite of love is not hate but indifference, unattached uncaring, with no emotional ties. Hate is still a strong emotional attachment and emotional bonds can be very powerful whether it’s love or hate. Honey, please put down that gun!

So no matter ones personal beliefs, the spirit of the Christmas season should inspire us to check the list, as Santa Clause does, “Checkin’ his list, checkin’ it twice, checkin’ to see if you’ve been naughty or nice.” And in this case to remind ourselves that what we are, we project, and it will be reflected back. If we’ve been caring, sharing, and giving with our living, then it will come back to us, making the world a better place for all.

Have a fulfilling new year and remember the Beatles lyrics “In the end the love you make is equal to the love you take.”

Merry Christmas

The movie Black Swan reviewed…

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Went with friends to the beautiful Samuel Goldwyn Theater at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s in Beverly Hills last Saturday evening and saw Black Swan. Now I like continuity and smooth transitions, not a fan of jump cuts, but it worked for me in this movie for it made that nervous edge between sanity and that tense grasp on reality even more nervous as Nina, an aspiring ballerina,  kept going farther and farther over that edge. Nina is played by Natalie Portman who I thought did an amazing job, evolving from innocent to not so innocent with a trip through the perils of losing touch with reality. And I liked the way the art of Ballet, as with any art, was presented as an enormous effort for anyone wanting to achieve greatness with their art. That the self has to be set aside so as the art can flourish with all it’s emotional angst, with no barrier of self awareness to diminish the light. I was awake through the whole movie so for me that is a testament to it’s greatness.

After the movie we went to El Coyote’s restaurant and had a few drinks and dinner. I had an Enchilada Howard for dinner, yes, that’s what’s it’s called on the menu. So after experiencing the emotional force of the Black Swan story and then having an Enchilada Howard for dinner I could say the evening went from the sublime to the incredulous.

Out and about…

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Last Friday, December 3, I had lunch with Tom Sito at Mo’s Restaurant in Toluca Lake. Tom has a long history in the field of animation as a director, story board artist, animator, author, teacher. He  has worked for all of the major motion picture studios, is a history buff and has written a few books on animation history. And he had the time to be president of the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonist union from 1992 t0 2001. We had a great lunch and I was flattered for he ask me to autograph his copy of my book.

Sullivan Bluth Studio News 1987 pg 1

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Sulivan Bluth Studio News Sept 1987 pg 2

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To good health

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Some of my friends accused me of not making more changes in my life. When I want to go away I like to go to Hawaii, been lots of other places. I like Hawaii, and my coffee, black Folgers, medium classic roast, no foreign funny spicy bits, just coffee. But I have recently made a change. It will be good for me and good for the environment. I call it a green change.

I was at a party and I overheard a lady say she feels much better after giving up dairy…So, my grand daughter, Holly, turned me onto Silk, an all natural soy milk. Now that goes on my cereal. So I’ve made a green change. I’ve help to diminish those obnoxious things that cows do to add methane to our atmosphere. But I’m a little hard of hearing and later I found out that the lady that gave up dairy actually said ” I feel much better since I gave up Jerry!” Now I don’t know Jerry but this reminds me of something Mark Twain said, “Be careful when you take advice from health manuals, a typo could kill you.” And always listen carefully.