book review

Flyin’ Chunks and Other Things to Duck

This is wonderful book for all young people who are entering the animation industry or presently employed in it. Dorse tells stories of how the studios were when you had the opportunity to learn the craft of animation from the accomplished professionals in that field. The studios were small so you had the opportunity to personally know everyone from the President of the company to the receptionist, it was like belonging to an extended family of close friends.
Dorse had the good fortune to also be chosen to work with and mentor animators in other countries that helped to complete the various animated movies.
There are interesting pictures through out the book. Photos that allow one to see what the studios were like during the last 50 years.
It is a treasure of stories for all to read and enjoy, certainly a must for young animators.

Britt Teegarden


One Response to “book review”

  1. hey Dorse,

    just stumbled onto your blog,looking forward to reading your book.

    you actually taught me how to properly fill out an xsheet by the way.

    when is the “Dorsisms” collection coming out? those could be fun to illustrate!

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