Family History

Just think if your family had started recording even a bit of their history from hundreds of years ago, how wondrous it would be to share that with your family members today. That thought caused me to start wondering and writing. Now I’ve finished a book. It’s just a slice of my life, just a part, but still a memoir which I’m sure will be read someday by a family member, a friend, or an animation artist of the future.

4 Responses to “Family History”

  1. sue syracuse Says:

    WOW you’re on your way! sue

  2. Ross Pallone Says:

    Dorse is one of my greatest friends in my life and I am proud to be his friend. I bought Dorse’s book and started reading it on a plane trip to Houston. I got through 5 chapters of great writing. Three days later getting ready for my trip home and looking forward to reading more, I discovered that I had left my beloved book on the plane. Ooops!. I never do that! Now I have to buy another one. It’s worth it, even at twice the price.

  3. I expect to see deep thoughts on this blog! I’ll check back after watching Dancing with the Stars.

  4. Britt Teegarden Says:

    OMG!!!! She really does have good taste!

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